It is preferable to book our services as early as possible, in order to allow us the time to organize and send you all the needed confirmations in time. However, our practice and professionalism allow us also to provide last minute and “real time” solutions.

We offer 24/7 service, while our customer service department is available between 08:00 – 21:00. Beyond these hours you will be able to contact our shift supervisor.

Ayia Napa VIP can customize a package to accommodate just about any type of VIP need from private helicopter tours to a personal shopper for the day, but the basics are; Luxury Villas, limousine transportation, Exclusive Cars, VIP nightclub access including table with bottle service, dinner packages, Yacht cruises, tours and large group parties.

Yes! We can put as large or as small a VIP package together as you need. If you want to fly in by private jet, stay in one of the best Villas on the island, throw a lavish party while you’re there with circus entertainers, Michelin quality food prepared on-site, world class DJs spinning for you, and magicians on-tap to confuse your friends, before being whisked off to the best VIP table in the club to watch your favourite DJ do his thing… we can arrange everything.

It depends on the time of day but we usually respond immediately. If you submit a request online it goes directly through to us. You should have to wait no more than a few minutes for a response.

Ayia Napa VIP is a luxury travel agancy that specializes in VIP services and group event planning. We take a “hands on” approach with our clients to provide them with the accommodations, activities and nightlife options they desire. Our knowledgeable staff will help create the event of a lifetime. Whether you are traveling to Ayia Napa for a bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday party, or just for fun, we will make sure you have the best VIP experience possible. Read more about Ayia Napa VIP on the About Us page.

No! At Ayia Napa VIP we pride ourselves on the fact that, with us, everybody is a VIP. So whether you’re just looking to hire a car or organise a restaurant booking you get exactly the same service as our A-List clients, and that’s a promise.

Once we’ve figured out the details of your booking you’ll need to pay a 50% deposit to secure your dates and services. The deposit can be paid via bank transfer, cash or credit card.

Yes, limos are fully stocked with alcohol at all times.

Ayia Napa VIP provides a host that will escort the clients into the nightclub without waiting in the long general admission line. This includes the cover charge and a brief tour of the nightclub.

Most of the seating areas in a nightclub are reserved for bottle service. This means that to sit at one of these tables or booths, your group must purchase the minimum number of bottles of premium alcohol, based on your group size, required for that specific area. Most Ayia Napa nightclubs require that 1 bottle is purchased for every 3 to 4 people in your group, however, there may be a 2 bottle minimum to start out with. Ayia Napa VIP always recommends bottle service for the simple fact that it enriches the nightclub experience and gives the group a “home base” to party at. With bottles starting at €150 and up, this option can be pricey, but there is value in not fighting the crowd at the main bar to buy drinks all night. You can pour cocktails at your leisure, invite over new friends and you actually get to sit down.

A fun night out for a bachelor party consists of 4 key elements: 1.) Limousine transportation 2.) Private dinner  3.) Bottle service at a hot nightclub 4.) VIP access to a gentleman’s club.

An ultralounge is like a high-energy nightclub on a smaller scale. Ultralounges are perfect for groups who want to go to a fun place without being crammed into a superclub with thousands of people. Usually ultralounges hold just a few hundred people instead of the thousand people that the huge superclubs hold. The ultralounge has really gained popularity in Ayai Napa and around the country in the last few years. Ultralounges generally have a sexy décor and upscale crowd with high energy dance music and a fun vibe.

Dress codes in Ayia Napa are very similar at most all of the nightclubs. For girls, it’s easy, just dress sexy! For guys the dresscode is upscale casual. The general rule of thumb is just “dress to impress.” There will be lots of beautiful women in the nightclubs there that will be looking.

That is not necessary.

Generally speaking the nightclubs are open until about 5am. There are also afterhours clubs in Ayia Napa that go until 8am.

A great place to spend some time during the day is WaterWorld Waterpark, which features excusluve VIP booth available to book. You can also book the waterpark through our company for extra 2 hours after the official working time, where the whole waterpark will be reserver just for your group!

Great places to visit during the day are also the famous Nissi Beach and Cape Greco.

Ayia Napa VIP has a 1 week cancellation policy. If you cancel within 1 week of the arrival date, then you would forfeit the share of 2 persons deposit in your group. If you cancel outside of 1 week, you will receive a full refund.